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Telephone (804) 725-2776
Postal address:
176 Lovers Lane
Mathews, Va. 23109
Email Address:
Church Office Hours
Monday and Tuesday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Friday 8:00 am to Noon


Father Gerald Kaggwa

Parish Administrator

Chuck Dawson

Office Manager

Mary Marshall

Parish Council

Chair:  Amy Iveson
Co-Chair: Jane Reed
Secretary: Helen Yacobucci
Mike Goings, Helen Keitz, Mike Beavers, Kim Hartlove, Claudia Hale

Ministry Contacts

Youth Group
Shelly Oliver and Christine Johnson

Pastoral Care
Patti Sarosy

Justice and Peace
Eunice Hyer

Acolytes: Jon Oliver
Counters: Jim Pavik
Faith Formation: Phil and Susan Sanderson
Greeters: Pat Reardon
Hospitality: Barbara Churray
LEM’s: Jane Reed
Lectors: Mike Beavers
New Members: Pat Lipinski
Outreach: Helen Keitz
Reconciliation/First Eucharist: Michelle Hass
Ushers: Mark Sopko
Folk Group and Prayer Chain: Suanne Dittmeier
Sacristan: Joan Dawson

Building Manager: Roland Gauthier
Grounds Manager: Rick Churray

Environment: Debbie Johnson and Terry Dobson
Funeral Coordinator: Jeff Bohn
Memorial Bricks: Mark Sopko
Parish Life: Rita Engle
Columbarium: Chuck Dawson

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