Mass Schedules

 We are glad you are here!

Located on Rt. 647, Lovers Lane in Mathews, Va., the Church of Francis de Sales is a growing Roman Catholic community within the Catholic Diocese of Richmond. Once again, thank you for being together with us.

The Special Dispensation to Attend Mass during the Pandemic will end on Saturday, June 26th.  Please see the message from Fr. Gerry and the letter from the Archbishop of the Province of Baltimore.

Our regular schedule for the celebration of the Mass :

Sundays:  11:00 am

Tuesdays and Fridays:  9:00 am

Holy Days of Obligation:  6:30 pm

In the event of inclement weather,  parishioners will be notified of Mass cancellations via the following –

  • This website
  • WXGM  99.1 FM or 1420 AM
  • The FDS Phone Tree

All our masses will be streamed  live until June 26th–here’s the link:

Measures We Are Taking to Keep Everyone as Safe as Possible

  • Ushers will assist with helping maintain safe separation  during Mass.  If you are concerned about maintaining a safe distance, please notify the usher.
  • Holy Water has been removed from the baptistery and fonts.
  • Refrain from holding hands during the Lord’s Prayer and from shaking hands during the Sign of Peace (bow or verbal gesture is appropriate).
  • The Eucharist will only be distributed under the species of the Body of Christ.  
  • Please remember that Christ is fully present under both species of the Blessed Sacrament and that communion under one species is equally valid as communion under both.

Additional Information Regarding COVID Safety Precautions

  • Our parish is open on a normal schedule for private prayer, individual meetings for pastoral care, and reconciliation with Fr. Gerry, essential meetings, and social ministry efforts with restrictions.  Contact the parish office for specific details.