Parish Council

                              Church of Francis de Sales

Council Meeting Minutes June 8, 2021


Father Gerry, Chuck Dawson, Claudia Hale, Helen Yacobucci, Leon Iveson, Ed McNamee, Cheryl Henig, Eric Chadwell, Phillip Sanderson, Susan Sanderson, and Mike Henig(observer).

  1. Claudia (Hale) welcomed the new Parish Council members and began the meeting with the Diocesan Prayer.
  2. Previous meeting Minutes:
    Claudia said the minutes were approved via email. Minutes were posted on the bulletin board by the secretary and a copy was given to Mary Marshall by Chuck Dawson.
    1. Administrative Report (Chuck Dawson).
      Chuck submitted a report. See Attacment A
    2. Financial Report (Leon Iveson)
      Leon submitted a report. See attachment B
      FdS needs fund raisers to increase income. He suggested that the new Parish Council discuss ideas.
    3. Liturgy –(Michele Oliver/Jon Oliver)
      Father Gerry mentioned that most of the minisitries are coming back. He has not heard from the choir about starting back.
      Report submitted by Jon Oliver: “ I have attempted to think about and reach out to the small amount of acolytes that I have left, and due to Covid the youth group has been suspended.”
      From Shelly Oliver: “Father Gerry has been handling the liturgy responsibilities while I am doing my cancer treatment. He will be the best one to report”.
      Father will attach a letter to the electronic bulletin concerning the Bishop’s letter ending both the COVID restrictions and Sunday dispensations at the end of June.
    4. Social Outreach (Helen Yacobucci). There has only been one request for assistance (electric bill) since the last Parish Council meeting. The Snack Pack program has received a $10,000 donation from the Mathews Community Foundation. This has been shared among the churches supplying the packs. The FdS portion is approximately $3,000.
    5. Hospitality (Valerie Smith). Report sent to Claudia: “Hospitality nothing to report. Unable to attend due to work this evening. Just a side note that last BBQ event I didn’t get any BBQ in one of my meals and had 2 beans. Also, the event should be blasted on Facebook and shared on the different FB groups to get the word out. I spoke to a number of folks this weekend who never heard or saw anything. Just shareing what folks have said”.
    6. Greeters (Paul Reardon)-No reporT
    7. RCIA and Teen Sacramental Preparation (Cheryl Henig). We have a new couple in the parish. The wife will complete the RCIA program at FdS in hopes of obtaining the sacraments next Easter. The youth will be starting back soon.
    8. Parish Life Rita Engle (Helen Yacobucci). Helen noted that the parish picnic will take place in September.
    9. Eucharistic Ministers (Rick Churray)-No report.
    10. Ushers (Mark Sopko) –No report submitted.
    11. Religious Education (Michele Haas/Liz Hospodar)-No report submitted.
    12. Lectors (Ed McNamee). A new schedule for lectors will come out soon.
  4. Old Business
    1. Scoots BBQ – June Fund Raiser(Claudia Hale). Claudia explained the fund raising process for the new P.C. She gave the following information. June 16th is the delivery date in order to celebrate Father’s Day (20th). We are currently saturating the community with flyers including online contact information. An email was sent on 04/07/2021 to Scoot’s (Karen) to reserve the date and she confirmed. We still need transportation for food from either Daffodil’s or Scoot’s at Karen’s choice. Also needed is community advertisement. This entails posting flyers in post offices, fire stations, Moughan’s, M&M, and also in Gloucester. To date, we have approximately 30 orders. Ed McNamee has posted the information on the FdS website and a Gazette ad was placed in Wednesday’s paper.
    2. Orders must be placed by 12:00 pm on Saturday, June 12.
  5. New Business
    1. The newly elected Parish Council include Ed McNamee, Dennis Geary, Cheryl Henig, Eric Chadwell, Mary Flaherty, Phillip Sanderson and Susan Sanderson.
    2. The new Parish Council Officers are : Chair – Susan Sanderson, Co-Chair – Eric Chadwell, and Secretary – Cheryl Henig
    3. Other Fund Raisers
    4. The Parish Council will discuss fund raisers such as a spaghetti dinner in September with inside seating for 30 and takeout for 20 or 30 people, or a chicken dinner for eat-in/take-out. The P.C. was asked to explore other options for the discussion. This discussion will take place at the next Parish Council meeting.
    5. Claudia will contact Valerie Smith to resume hospitality after Sunday Masses.
    6. Eric Chadwell will give the opening prayer and Ed McNamee will give the closing prayer.
    7. The meeting was adjourned after Eric Chadwell gave the closing prayer.

                                      April 13, 2021

                          WELCOME TO ALL COMMITTEES

         Claudia Leading Opening Prayer – Diocesan Prayer

  1.  Approval of February 9, 2021 minutes
  2. Reports
  3. Administrative Report – Chuck Dawson
  4. Financial Report – Leon Iveson
  5. Liturgy – Michele Oliver
  6. Committee Reports

Social Outreach – Helen Yacabucci 

  1. Old Business
  2. RCIA is looking into virtual venues to resume classes as soon as possible.  –
  3. Scoots BBQ suggested for June Fund Raiser, June 16th as delivery date to celebrate Father’s Day (20th)  Saturating the community with flyers including online contact information.
  4.  New Business
  5.  Elections for Parish Council for May
  6. Scoots BBQ – Tickets are on sale as of April 7 until June 12th Saturday @1230pm.  Delivery for June 16th  Wednesday.  Sales are $30 per 4/meal purchase. 

Will need transportation of food from either Daffodils or Scoot’s at Karen’s choice.  An email was sent to her on 4/7/2021 with information.

Need a community advertisement that will be easy for sales.

Committee heads please send in a report, even if to say nothing is going on in your department.  Thank you for your input

  1. Next Parish Council Meeting
    1. June  8, 2021 at 6:00 pm.
    1. Opening Prayer – 
    1. Closing Prayer – 
  2. Closing Prayer –   volunteer?

Wishing everyone a loving and wonderful Father’s Day!!

Church of Francis de Sales Parish Council Meeting Agenda

February 9, 2021


Claudia Leading Opening Prayer – Diocesan Prayer

Approval of December 15, 2020 Minutes completed via email.


  1. Administrative Report – Chuck Dawson
  2. Financial Report – Leon Iveson
  3. Liturgy – Michele Oliver
  4. Social Outreach – Helen Yacabucci
  •  Received $2000.00 from Diocese from the Fuel and Hunger Fund to help the community of Mathews.
  •  Received re-imbursement from Macedonia for the Partners for Mathews Students (snack packs).  This will be divided with Kingston Parish, St Pauls’/Beulah and Francis de Sales.
  • Received a donation from Zion Baptist for $100.00 for the Snack Pack Program.
  • Assistance requests were down this month with requests for electric help from only one family, help with car insurance from one and emergency food help from one other family.  Did get a request for rental assistance from one person who moved to Mathews 2 weeks ago and asked for rental assistance.  She does not have a job and is living with “family”.  Assistance cannot be granted until residency is established by Social Services.

Old Business

A. SCOOTS BBQ Fund Raiser ending on Feb 3 with $2,730 in gross sales. After payment to Scoot’s of $1,092 for their product, the EventBrite will deduct fees for their services sending $2,421.51 to the Chesapeake Bank and the net receipts will be $1,329.51 for the church and a $20 tip from a happy customerthat went to the offering!

B. Blooms for Bucks and Smile ( Amazon) will be tabled for now – until paperwork can be figured out

Thank you to everyone involved in the Super Bowl BBQ – the drivers that picked up the product, the packers and the folks that passed the meals out, I appreciate all you work.

New Business
A. SCOOTS BBQ – I would like to do this again in May/June before July 4. Looking at advertising in 3rd week of May and purchases ending 2nd or 3rd week of June.

An Advertisement that is easier to access for clients that do not have a Membership to Gazette in the paper and online. Church website will have information and church bulletin will also be provided contact info, the EventBrite will be set up for sales, and flyers will be distributed in and outside the community. Saturating the community with flyers with all the online contact info needed. We get better!!!

Committee heads please send in a report, even if to say nothing is going on in your department. Thank you for your input

Next Parish Council Meeting:
April 13 2021 at 6:00 pm.