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Telephone:   (804) 725-2776

176 Lovers Lane
Mathews, Va. 23109

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Church Office Hours
Monday / Tuesday:   8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Friday:                              8:00 am to Noon

Father Gerald Kaggwa

Parish Administrator
Chuck Dawson

Office Manager
Mary Marshall

Parish Council
Chair:  Susan Sanderson
Secretary:  Cheryl Henig
Eric Chadwell,  Mary Flaherty, Dennis Geary, Ed McNamee, Phil Sanderson

Ministry Contacts

Finance Council
Leon Iveson                                    CHAIR         (501) 749-2276

Christine Dehnert Fernald   Counters 


Youth Ministry
Rachel Foss

Jon Oliver

Pastoral Care and RCIA

Pastoral Care: Patti Sarosy
RCIA: Cheryl Henig

Justice and Peace
Helen Yacobucci

Acolytes:                           Jon Oliver

Faith Formation: Phil and Susan Sanderson
K-8 Religious Education: Michelle Haas
Greeters:                          Paul Reardon
Sunday Hospitality:    Valerie Alley
LEMs:                                  Rick Churray
Lectors:                              Ed McNamee
New Members:              Pat Lipinski
Evangelization:              Christine Johnson
Ushers:                                Mark Sopko
Folk Group and Prayer Chain: Suanne Dittmeier
Sacristan:                           Joan Dawson

Building Manager:        Robert Hartlove
Grounds Manager:       Alan Downs

Environment:                   Elaine Lynch
Funeral Coordinator:  Jeff Bohn
Memorial Bricks:            Mark Sopko
Parish Life:                          Rita Engle
Columbarium:                  Chuck Dawson

Bishop Knestout encourages anyone aware of sexual abuse of minors on the part of clergy or staff of our diocese to notify civil authorities, call the Attorney General’s Clergy Abuse Hotline at 1-833-454-9064, and reach out to the Diocesan Victim Assistance Coordinator, Jennifer Sloan, at 1-877-887-9603.

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