From Fr. Gerry

An Update on St. Noa School

Dear brothers and sisters,

It is my joy and privilege to update you about St. Noa School after a long period of time. The global Covid-19 pandemic did not spare Uganda, and as I indicated a few weeks ago, Uganda right now, is experiencing a second wave, which is far worse than the first one. Several of my family members, including my mother, and others were affected and hospitalized for several weeks. Thanks to your prayers they are now slowly recovering. Because of this situation, the Government has on several occasions ordered lockdowns, which closed all public gatherings including schools. So, for more than a year now, learning in schools has been sporadic. This has a tremendous negative effect on students, especially the girls.  Some, who are in upper classes, might not return to school due to social circumstances, like the fact that some girls are married off by their parents at a very young age.

But despite all this, during this Covid-19 pandemic period, something positive has been achieved. With the generosity of some parishioners, we managed to construct and furnish a new Administration Block comprising of Offices for a Head Teacher and receptionist/secretary, a staff room where teachers can meet and prepare lessons, and two more classrooms. Also, we managed to construct a small house, which serves as quarters for male teachers, which can accommodate 4 teachers. This is good news because we have now all the facilities to accommodate children of all stages from pre-primary (pre-elementary) through primary education.

The next step in this project is to look for funds to construct 2 dormitory blocks housing about 60 students each (one for girls and one for boys). We will begin with the one for girls because they are the most vulnerable in the society. They have many chores at home, face abuses (defilement, and other obstacles). Having them in the dormitories will improve their academic growth as well as their safety.

It is my prayer that this crucial phase of the project becomes a reality. Much has been achieved, and I trust even this, with God’s blessings, will be realized.

Thank you for helping my people; I am really touched by your generosity. I promise to keep you posted on the developments of the project. You are always in my prayers.

Fr. Gerry Kaggwa