The St. Noah Project

Project: Construction of a Nursery/Primary School In Kitangria Village, Uganda

Kitangria Village is a sub-parish of Matale Catholic Parish in the the Masaka Diocese. It is located in the southern region of Uganda, in the District of Kyotera. Three villages are clustered together to form what is called Kitangria sub-parish, which, as a Catholic church, serves the spiritual and other needs of the people in the villages.
Most people who live in this area are peasants who survive through subsistence agriculture. The only cash crop in this area is coffee, which is produced on a very small scale.
About 500 children live in these villages. More than 400 of them are in the 3-10 year-old range. The needs of these children, especially in education, are a big challenge. Most of the schools are 5 miles (7 kilometers) away or more, making it impossible for young children to get there by foot each day.

The late Mr. Leonard Magembe Ssalongo was the Catechist of the Kitangira sub-parish for 35 years. He initiated the idea of having a school using the church facility as classrooms during the week so the young children would have a safe place nearby to start their education. The Church of Francis de Sales Pastor, Rev. Gerry Kaggwa, was one of the first students in this improvised school. He remembers how it saved him from having to travel long distances to the nearby school, as his older siblings had to do.

Today, the young children in Kitangira sub-parish have a new church thanks to the efforts of two of Fr. Gerry’s siblings: Rev. Fr. Josephat and Tony Lukwata. Unfortunately, the old building that is now serving as the school has fallen into disrepair. Only half of the building is safe enough to be used by the students. The side that is still in “good” condition has been partitioned into two rooms, with small wooden benches for students to sit and/or write on.

Fr. Gerry has proposed the construction of a Nursery/Primary (Elementary) school after consulting with several people from his village. His proposal is as follows:
The church has a large piece of land that can be used. It is large enough to build about 10 classrooms on it. This aligns with the educational system in Uganda, which serves 3 and 4 year-olds in Nursery school before they start Elementary school.
The proposal is to start with the construction of 4 classrooms, a kitchen, and a toilet block. This will help about 100 children to begin their studies near their homes instead of walking long distances. After they reach 8 years of age, they may be able to walk the farther distances to continue their education.

This cost of this project will be divided into 4 Initial Phases.
Phase 1: Construction of a Four Classroom Block and Cost of Furniture = $35,187
Phase 2: Construction of the Kitchen Block = $5,593
Phase 3: Construction of Solar System and Inverter for Computers = $1,530
Phase 4: Construction of a Toilet Block = $5,160
*Please note that these costs have been converted to U.S. Dollars. Detailed cost breakdowns are available by contacting the Francis de Sales Parish Office.

Fr. Gerry kindly asks for your support to help him see his dream come to fruition. Please prayerfully consider making a donation to this project. We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about this project.